Blowing Rock N.C. doesn’t blow at all. It’s really cool.

Legend has it an Indian brave despondent over a young maiden threw himself off this craggy ledge only to be blown back to safety by a strong updraft of wind.  True or not, it’s a terrific vantage point from which to  view the Blue Ridge Mountains. And nothing makes you feel more alive than rock climbing in flip flops!

Finnegan meanwhile has been a real champ. Keeping an eye on me,  but obviously delirious over exotic odors of bear poop and  marmot vomit (which oddly smells of pesto).  He got a little spooked by the cooler in his cargo space. It rolled into him a couple times before I tied it down.  But now we’ve achieved a nice configuration for him… what you might call good Finn Shue.

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