There are no small parts. Just small dressing rooms.

How perfect that in my first non-news television role I’m cast as a television news anchor. I guess the more things change, the more they stay the same.


The role came to me through Level Talent Group in Tampa. With barely 24 hours notice, I was told to be in Nashville for my brief (but pivotal!) performance in Nashville: Season 5 Episode 15.  Like any TV production, it’s ‘hurry up and wait’, but I felt very well cared for.


After hair and makeup, I had an hour or so to chill in my trailer. That’s right, bitches. My trailer.

My own private green room on wheels!
My name on the door.. sort of.
Fresh waste basket liner. Nice touch!

If I had to do any real acting, I would have been nervous. Instead, I was able to enjoy the experience of watching professional actors, directors, and technical people do their thing. ‘Nashville’ was on ABC for four years before moving to the CMT Network. It’s a huge production that employs hundreds of people and features first rate music that is the hallmark of the city.

This sign on the set door made me chuckle.


My total time on set was only about a three hours during which I got chummy with a couple full time actors.


Overall a fantastic experience I hope to repeat.

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