Not so fast…


Cable TV and all the Jell-O you can eat!

Since returning from San Francisco I’ve been experiencing a little pain and swelling in my left calf. I thought I might’ve overdone it climbing those famous hills. Just to be safe I had my doctor take a look a few hours before my planned departure.
She didn’t like what she saw so she sent me to tower radiation for an ultrasound. Sure as shit I have a deep vein thrombosis also known as a blood clot. Not a big deal unless it dislodges and goes up into your lung- a scenario much more likely to happen on a long flight to… say Argentina.

That’s why I find myself in a hospital bed instead of an airline seat. From what I’ve learned so far I’ll be put on powerful blood thinners and sent home. Hopefully I’ll be able to take my trip in a few days or maybe a week. I’ll let you know.
Men plan. God laughs!

9 thoughts on “Not so fast…

  1. Talk abut timing.. at least you are not a victim of a DVT on a plane! I know this is not in your plan but so thankful you listened to your body. ! I am far to aware of what happens to “men’s plans., but pleased you will be around for a while longer my friend!!


  2. Krikey hope it was a one-time event. I travel so much for work I try to stay aware of any such symptoms. Stay safe Brendan!


  3. Well a few more days with Sandy , Finn and that kids guitar you love so much ! Just like the movie … things change your timing ! Welcome home again . Attention hog !


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