Heading South: The Sabbeardical gets real.

Tonight I’ll be on a plane to Argentina with almost no idea of what awaits. I’m packing light.

-Earplugs to drown out the sound of foreign languages I don’t understand

-Mosquito repellent to ward off Zika virus

-My Irish Passport in case anyone accuses me of being a Trump supporter.


Seriously, my primary mission is to attain some fluency in Spanish. If I happen to have fun and see amazing mountains and waterfalls and meet fascinating people along the way, so be it.  The first couple of weeks will be in Buenos Aires where I’ll attend all day Spanish classes.  The final two weeks will be spent traveling the country practicing what I’ve learned on people who can tell me where the biblioteca is located.

Instead of writing a travel log (I saw this, I ate this, I was abducted by  this offshoot of the Shining Path, etc…)  my entries will be more journalistic- customs, attitudes, world views and ambitions.

I know not a single person in South America, so if you have any connections or advice to share, please do.  So, until my return in mid April stay in touch and Via Con Dios!


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