In Australia, they call it “Impro”

Just back from a three day workshop in improv performance and sketch writing at Second City in Chicago. 16  randos from around the world were brought together by a desire to explore our inner goofballs.  All lovely people, one from Canada, one from England and two from Australia who call it ‘impro’ instead of ‘improv’.



Props to Second City the fabled comedic home of most of your favorite SNL stars for offering a training program that doesn’t condescend to non professionals.  The teachers (Johnny and Micah) worked really hard cramming a ton of material into a total of about 18 hours of instruction.


Half the fun was being a Chicagoan in winter for a few days. I crashed at my son Patrick’s condo in Wicker Park (Patrick seen here with his girlfriend, Angela.) Knowing I was going home to a balmy Tampa Bay, the snow and chilly air made it an adventure.. like being magically cast in the film,”Frozen”!  (Did I just say that?)

This is precisely the kind of thing I would never take the time to do before the Sabbeardical.  Next stop… Plant City!





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